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Save Indian House sparrow
"Save sparrow poster"

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Price: 1 nest box cost 400 Rs.

3 nest box cost 1200 Rs.

1 nest box and 1 feeder cost 600 Rs.

3 nest box and 1 feeder cost 1400 Rs. 

This activity was undertaken to raise awareness of the decline of the house sparrow and the need for its conservation. Also to preserve existing populations and undertake measures to raise numbers within the area. Until about ten years ago the house sparrow was one of the most familiar and common of urban Indian birds. The house sparrow population in Nashik and the rest of the India is declining fast.

Dr. Jawale Chetan S. With his improved design of Sparrow nest
Mr. Milind Pawar, a technical man behind the manufacturing of this Sparrow nest

Food supplies in towns and cities may have been reduced with the development of new buildings on previously derelict land. House sparrows need aphids, weevils, grasshoppers and caterpillars to feed their young and these may now be harder to find in our towns and cities. The intensified use of pesticides and herbicides which reduces the amount of insects and weed seed food, changes in agricultural practices. Reduction in the availability of nest sites through the renovation of old buildings, and modern architectural designs, especially roofs with a reduction in access to roof space, clearance of shrubberies in parks and removal of creepers from wall. Finally the effect of predation by sparrow hawks, crows, and the domestic cat. All these factors have considerably reduced population of Indian house sparrows.

Hiraval Foundation's newly invented, Improved variety of Indian House Sparrow

As part of this, a number of awareness raising events were undertaken by the Hiraval foundation team. It includes schools projects, workshops, distribution of house sparrow information material and sparrow nest. Hiraval foundation has developed scientifically suitable designed for the Indian house sparrow. Such nest boxes were tested and evaluated for the most preferential nesting sites for the local sparrows. Thus as a part and effort of increasing sparrow population, these nest boxes were distributed in various apartments and gardens with the sponsorship of some Nature Lovers.

Our Sparrow nest in the window of a Flat in Residential Complex at Nashik

Increasing awareness towards save sparrow movement, A sparrow nest in parking place
 People are supporting Save sparrow campaign by fixing these sparrow nest in their balconies
This is the right time for fixing these sparrow nest, because May is their breeding season here in nashik. 
See even these mobile towers don't have any impact on the sparrow nesting behaviour. but it has effect on our day to day life, mobile keep us engaged whole day, and don't give time to look around for the lovey birds.isn't it ?.

Our different birds nest designs.

Sparrow nest with three eggs in it. 
(Second nesting, below mobile tower)
See, what we (people) are providing to these birds through our polythene pollutions. They have started using polythene bags as nesting material instead of cotton.

Male sparrow on his nest.

Male sparrow guarding his nest and egg incubating female.

Sparrows two Chiclets and one unhatched egg (may be due to pesticides)

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